ABOVE AND BELOW:  I just recently came across 2 Superbirds they were originally bought in 1978 as a pair.
They both came out of a barn in up state New York in 1978. The cars were bought by two brothers.
The cars were driven for a while then it seems the brothers lost interest in them.
The red car is a 440-6pack, auto, nose is bondo and there is a lot of rust. Car was originally
a petty blue car. The car at one time had A/C installed as it came from Florida. That brother
said his car was not for sale as he was someday was going to restore it. In a couple more years
there will be nothing to restore. These people are unbelievable.
The other car was black, 440-4, auto, originally a lime light car, This car seemed fairly straight
with far less rust. I felt it would need far less sheet metal. The six pack was nicer as far as the
drive train went. About a couple of weeks later, I heard from a friend that the one brother was
thinking about selling. About a month went by and I finally closed the deal and got the lime light
car. Attached is a picture of the red bird and my black one. I presently trying to find out about the
lime light cars history. I am back to 1974 presently but would like to go further.
Story goes the limelight car was a promo car. I am trying to track down some 1970 magazines.
Thanks to John for those ones.