This Superbird I found out about while on my honeymoon in South Dakota back in '90.
I knocked at the door, no one answered so I left a detailed note but never heard from anyone.
I have always wondered if someone eventually got it. - Lon
As far fetched as this sounds, this story is true!  When I was a lad of 19, in 1981,
I took a trip out to my older brother's house in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.
As soon as I arrived at my brother's house I borrowed his car, and set out to explore as much
ground as his gas tank would let me. Within five minutes of leaving his house, I came across a
typical country road, and a rural house, surrounded by all types of B-body Mopars. The first one
I saw was a 69 Superbee coupe, which appeared to be in fantastic shape. I decided to go to the house
to ask to view the car, and all of the others scattered about. When I knocked, a real "old" lady
came to the door. I asked "would it be possible to look at the Superbee?" She cupped her ear
in her hand and said "You want to look at the SUPERBIRD?" Reacting fast, I said "Yes! THE SUPERBIRD!"
She said her grandson kept it in the barn over the hill, and pointed the direction. Here Birdy, birdy birdy....!!!
I high-tailed it over the hill, straight to the barn. I opened the door, and there it sat. A hemi orange,
440 six barrel Bird, column shifter, with a partially bent beak. I was all over it like the hair on my back.
After calming down, I got the phone number for the grandson. The next day I dropped by again,
and asked the grandson if the car was for sale. He said he would take $1500 for it, and that it ran real good.
I got him to take a picture of me in the car, and took the rest of the roll of film of the car, and all the
others laying around. Needless to say, I didn't have the money to buy the car, despite bugging the crap out
of my father. I kept in touch with the grandson, for a couple of years, and he eventually sold the car.
  I kick myself for not buying it even now! Especially after restoring a host of "lesser" cars since then.
- Robin McQueen. Thanks to the 6Pkshaker website.