I was in Iowa today for a job interview and spotted this fallen warrior.  No VIN on it that I could find but it does look like it was a real R/T Charger at some point.  I wish there was more of the car there to ID the corpse.
This car was found in Maine 5 miles from my house.  This 70 Barracuda Convertible was under my nose since 1977.  We only found it a 3 years ago.  The owner said he would sell it to us when he was ready.  Well, ready never came and he passed away.  The three kids inherited the car and they got many calls on the car but wanted to get the most of the car.  They decided to put it on ebay but then changed their minds due to the hassle.  They finally listed it in out local trader magazine for $8000.  I found out it was going to be listed the night before it came out.  I purchased the car and had it out of the quansit hut in an hour.  I paid less than the asking price as the three kids decided it was to high.  The car is a 318 Yellow Barracuda.  The power top worked like brand new.
Here are 2 from IL.  All I know is they haven't moved since the early 90's.