This is the story of one of those cars you hear about for years.  This car sat for 18 years in the original Dodge Dealership.  It was ordered by the son of the owner of the dealership.  Many people wanted to buy this car for many years, but the same old story, did not want to sell it.  So, it sat and sat, then my friends dad was able to get us a chance to see the car.  We met the original owner, and in talking, were able to buy it from him for $500.00.  Not a bad price for a totally original car.  But there was a problem.  The roof of the building was collapsing and moisture had done it's damage to the under side.  So we had no choice but to take her apart, and sell her to good homes.  It had a 383 4bbl, buddy seat, auto, sure grip rear end.  This car even has original tires.  Owner said he took her for a drive one day, did a burnout, and backed her into it's final resting spot.  Mark, WI
This is a 1972 Demon Sizzler that we found in a bone yard in NC in 1990.  It had been hit hard in the front.  We cut off the factory sunroof and put it in our 70 Duster.  Kevin & Debbie Ontario
  1971 Barracuda 318 Auto.  It was a nice car years ago but they have let it sit and rot.  They're going to restore it some day.  They want to take another family picture in front of the car to match to one they took 20 years ago.  If you ask me that's allot of work and money for a picture.  PA
Just found this 1968 Barracuda Fastback today at a junkyard by my house.  Nick