This 69 has sat in this lot since the late 80's.  The owner won't sell and he keeps the car covered with plastic, like it will keep the car from the weather.  It is a 440 4-speed car with a sure grip.
  This was just 2 blocks away from me for years and I didn't know it.  Was hidden from the street in the middle of a very large fenced lot.  Had not been driven since the early 80's.  Originally a 383 column automatic, it was InViolet with an air-grabber, hood paint and a 3:23 Sure Grip.  All air grabber parts and sure grip rear were in place and in good shape...except the hood itself...very rusty.  The frame rails were history but it had a 440 Marine motor and included a nice 383 air-grabber air cleaner.
  This 70 is a 383 auto car with a sure grip rear.  It is totally rust free with some damage to the right side.  This one has been sitting in a junk yard for many years among a lot of other old cars.  The owner is unknown.
Here is a 65 Belvedere waiting to be restored.