Here lies the remains of a very rusty 71 Dart Swinger that I tried to save.  The previous owner was going to put the engine in his truck, but decided to trash the car instead.  Matching numbers 318/904 drive train and original Go Green paint.  What a shame.
This car was delivered to my shop from a friend who was towing cars from a back woods site.  The owners were cleaning after purchase.  He was taking it to the scrap yard and thought as a joke he would bring it by to se if I would restore it.  I told him I would take it.  After some checking, this was at one time a Moulin Rouge, air-grabber, 383 4-speed, 8 3/4 sure grip car.  I have seen some rusted cars in my time but this is extreme!  Did salvage the air-grabber solenoid, switch, console, chrome and some other pieces.  The people filled this car with garbage full to the roof!  I still have the car and can't seem to let it go.  This was a great looking car in it's day.  Dave  More Pics
  Here are 2 cars that I don't know too much about.  The Charger was bought by my Grandfather after it was tossed off a car dolly and rolled.  Originally a 318 but has a 440 auto under the mangled hood now.  The other is a 68 Sport Satellite with nice doors and interior.