1973 340 Duster 4-speed
       This 69 Dart I found in an old barn outside my home town.  It is an original 340 car but the 340 is long gone.  The body is in ruff shape and not worth restoration in my opinion.  It is a good parts car though for my other 69 dart.  The interior is in great shape and some body parts and chrome timing.  The old man that owned the car before I bought it for parts told me he had a 440 in it and raced it up and down main street when he was my age.  There is a lot of other rotting muscle cars there and I will get more pics.
Wrecked 1968 340 Dart GTS
I found this car behind a house in South Jersey.  Was in the back yard for years.  The owner used it for parts.  I own it now.  Mark