Located in Maine. 69 Charger R/T with a 440 and trips, pistol grip and a Dana.  More pics
Here we have a garage full of E-Bodies that haven't seen the light of day in quite a few years.  Among the group we have 2 Gran Coupes, the black and white 71 6-pak car was an original red on red car and make note of the vintage 80's custom rear spoiler.  WOW!  The interior was quite unique as well.  The AAR in the left corner next to the T/A was one of the Gran Coupes made up to look like an AAR.  The other Gran Coupe was to the far right and the other Barracuda was a 72-73 340 car.  All these cars have been sitting in the same spot for about 10 years.  The only car that has moved has been the 71 6-pak car.  Which was to make room for his wife's late 80's Daytona.  More photos
Gonna restore it someday.  Can't tell if it is an original car or not, but it looks cool.
I recently bought both of these cars setting in the woods behind a barn.  The Duster is a 6 cyl. 3-speed with manual disc brakes and a 8 3/4 rear.  It's a total basket case, last inspected in 84, I'm just going to strip it and scrap the rest.  The other is a 70 Fury Grande Coupe 2-door sedan.  It's also pretty rough, last inspected in 80, but could be salvaged.  Not sure what I'm going to do with this one yet.  More Pics