Here is a couple of 340 4-speed Swingers hiding out in Nebraska.
This 70 Superbee is sitting in Hazelton PA and as you might of guessed, it's not for sale.  The owner is going to fix it up....not sure how long its been sitting there but it looks like its been there a while.  ABodyJoe
This 70 440 6bbl Road Runner has been sitting for as long as I can remember...I remember it sitting there sinking in the ground while I was in high school (16 years ago).  From what I hear it was a bad ass car back in the day.  Someone stole a couple of the wheels and I hear someone also stole the 6bbl set up off it.  It sits right on a main road and is in plain sight...I know tons of people have tried to buy it and the owner will not sell...I guess it will just return to mother nature.   ABodyJoe
This 71 Road Runner is not your usual cars in barns but it just sits there in Hazelton PA.  Don't really know the story but it hasn't moved in a few years...with the traffic on that road I am sure the owner has had people ask to buy it.  ABodyJoe