I finally talked a friend of mine out of his 73 Challenger Ralley 340.  It took 2 years.  You can see the barn we pushed it out of in the background after it sat with 4 flats for 13 years.  The new, old ET wheels and Goodyear Eagles were part of the deal.  You can still see the dirt on the roof and hood.  I got it running after blowing air through the gas line from the fuel pump back to the tank and a new battery.  It has only 73,000 miles on it and runs very well, (no blue smoke) after all those years in the barn.  I am very happy that I got my hands on it because now it will be on the road again!  Alan from MN      Click here for another photo.
No worries, my brother and I saved these two Barracudas.  Chuck
69 440-6 pak Road Runner that's been parked in a steel tube for the last twenty years.  The engine and 4-speed has been removed and is covered sitting in the barn.  When I asked the owner if he wanted to sell it, he said that's a real big motor with three carbs it was fast.  The only problem is the trees have grown behind it and he doesn't want to cut down the trees.  James     Click for more photos.