Here is a 70 4-speed Roadrunner found dying on a farm in Concord, NC.  car was last running in 1989.  Owner says it belonged to his son that was in the Air Force that was killed in a freak auto accident in 1990.  Engine had locked up.  Car has major rust inside floors and trunk.  Quarters are shot, battery has leaked acid and completely rotted the inner fender.  Doors are the only thing worth something because they are not rotted.  Not for sale.  Just a memorial soon to go back to the soil it came from.  It was a B5 Blue with blue interior.  Kenny
67 Charger in Ohio.  More pics here.
71 440 GTX.  I have been trying to buy this car for 2 years and you just can't talk to the guy.
It has a lot of options that include luggage rack, strobe stripe and vinyl top.  For pics of before and after the WV snow killed it, click here.   Art