Here is one for the books.  A real 71 Shaker hood convertible 383 N code Challenger.  Bought the other day off of the Jimmy Hoffa Estate.  Car was in a little shed in the far corner of the 3 1/2 acre lake lot.  He is the missing Teamster president.  Have original title dated 10-26-71.  Wrong build sheet, original window sticker, white painted lacquer stripes, both mirrors tinted glass, shaker hood is all there and in good condition.  It was taken off years ago and stored inside.  50,000 original miles, no cracks in dash pad, door panels, seats are excellent and the original top.  Has power steering, power drum brakes, manual top, 3:23 posi, buckets & console, non-rally dash, dual exhaust but no tips.  Car is bent from rust.  Front frame rails are gone.  It was tough getting out of the shed.  Dean        Click here for more photos.

70 Sublime Roadrunner in a junkyard in North Dakota.  It has been picked through but when you are walking through a junkyard and see a lime green mopar it is pretty awesome, complete or not!  Owner didn't seem to anxious to sell.
1969 Charger RT found March 1, 2003 sitting in a storage unit.  It is a 440 Magnum and still had the tranny and rear end and engine.  Doesn't run.  Owner had stored the car rotting in a barn since 1979 with 60,000 original miles on her.  Some rust on the outside more on the inside.  On a positive note the owner did sell us the car and she is now in my garage soon to have a frame up restoration and live again.  Bill & Linda (Iowa)  More pics click here.