70 440+6 Challenger found in central Florida.  The present owner has owned it since 1975.  It was burnt orange but the sun has had the best of it.  It is very solid, Dana 60 rear.  It still has the complete 440+6 Motor.  Dated belts and all.  It is also a 4-speed.  He has the original luggage rack in the back seat.  Look close, you can see the rear trailer hitch literally falling off from rusty welds.  You can also see the boat he used to pull with it.  He claims he will fix her and the boat up one day.  Thanks KW

70 318 Barracuda I almost found in my backyard.  The interior is in pretty rough condition but over all the cars in good shape.  I'm trying to get this car as I know it has been sitting in the same spot for about 8 years without turning a wheel.  The owner at one time said he was thinking about doing something with it.  Lets hope that something is selling it to me to restore.  I will keep you informed.  Don
1969 Road Runner 383 Automatic.  I am trying to get the car myself, but it will take a good days work to just get it free from all the trees and other cars around it, but it is worth it.  The car is in South Carolina.  Thanks Wahoo
I found this car at a local junkyard in North Dakota. It is a complete 69 Superbee with a 383 4-speed still running, the owner claims.  The car is super rusty and he plans on using the drive train for something else.