This car is very complete, Could be restored with a lot of work.
383 auto dual exhaust. Bumperettes Probably could be bought?? Shaky

My brother in law helped me find this '70 Bee in South Dakota on Thanksgiving weekend.  It had
been sitting out in the trees on a farm for 7 or 8 years.  It's a 383, 4-speed car - still has the
pistol grip shifter in it.  I contacted the owner - who I think had forgotten about the car until
I called.  The original 383 was gone - replaced by a 400.  I offered him $500., and after 
thinking about it for a couple of days, he didn't want to let go of it.  I found out later that
somebody in a bar overheard him talking about my offer and offered him $1200. for it. He sold it to that 
guy who bought it as a Christmas present for his son. Hopefully it'll be brought back to life. -Dave 

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible. A nicely equipped air grabber convertible.
 Owner decided he preferred the look of the GTX body side stripes over the 
Road Runner dust trail, but didn't want to completely remove the bird presence from the car...
another one from the Canadian Version of Cars In Barns