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Here is a pretty crappy pic of a sublime '70 Super Bird. 440-6,4spd,dana. Taken off the road in '74 due to
 the gas crunch. Next to it resides a '68 Firebird convt,400,4spd with hood tach . Both are all
 covered with tarps and are still at the point of return. The owner has been offered a good number
 for the Bird by me and others . You are lucky if you can drive by his house without someone
 running out asking you what the hell you're looking at. The guy has a son who wants the car.
 The old man wouldn't piss on his kid if he was on fire-one of those types of guys. Under no 
circumstances will the car be bought-so he says. I also was going to send you a pic of a 
'71 Cuda Hemi car not two miles from the Bird sitting behind a stonewall. I walked up the
 banking with my camera ready to snap and low and behold was a big ole bare spot where 
the car sat about a month ago. I'll find more!   Thanks, Tony

This bird has been parked for over 20 years. I rescued it late last year. It was located in 
deep south Texas. It was originally silver/white with black top and 383/auto with ac - Andy



and you always wondered where all those old Generals went....
here's your answer

The `70 Challenger R/T convertible is a 383 AT car with a red
interior and is very rusty. As usual not for sale; not gonna fix it! -Ben

These cars are rotted .but still good for some parts,
note American Torque Trusts on the fury...
Charger is 318--auto ---Burnt Orange....Shaky