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'70 AAR Plymouth 'cuda- was rescued by one of our surfers
Above:  71 Superbee- sitting for 10+years in the same spot!
Below: REAL 1969-1/2 M-code Roadrunner 6 BBL- same story! -Dan S.
The `70 Challenger R/T convertible is a 383 AT car with a red
interior and is very rusty. As usual not for sale; not gonna fix it! -Ben
When was the last time you saw one of these???  Driving down
the road??? It's a 1975 Plymouth Roadrunner...these cars were forgotten about many
 years ago, 360 powered and some weird graphics, this one was found in Rhode Island....
I could send you a case of floppies on just this yard. You name it and it is there
the guy knows what he has, and he is not afraid to make you pay for it. -MMjgerry