This is a 68 Coronet R/T -440-4sd dana car. Drive train still there, has all parts, Still 
a restorable car, but needs allot of work,,  Doesn't know if he will sell this 1 ,But I got the idea
if some 1 put cash under his nose ,it could go down the road. Pics taken  Jan 26/2001.....Shaky

These cars are not for sale,,68 and 69 coronet R/T s --Both 440-4sd Dana cars,
Very restorable cars both complete.. AMC Marlin could probably be bought.
He says he's going to fix the R/Ts...?????????have to see to believe?....Shakey

Here are a few pics of a 69 or 70 Roadrunner convertible in New England. Hundreds of attempts and
 messages left to owner trying to buy this dilapidated beyond help Roadrunner. Factory Plum crazy
 with white top and gut. Four speed with ?? motor. Also, sitting next to the Runner, a pair of 67 
Coronet R/T convertibles unable to be bought. Owner apparently likes the way they look sitting in 
the swampy woods about two hours away from where he lives. The cars are at his sisters house.
Go figure!!??   Thanks Tony