'69 Roadrunner sitting in a bone yard

Another 1974 Duster from RJ

Above: here's a nice pair: '69 Coronet R/T, 440, and a early Barracuda notchback
Below: a fastback version....This is my uncles 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S fastback with a 340 
and a factory installed Hurst four speed. They only made about 2,000 of these!!!. The grille and rear bumpers
 are in the car, and in great condition. the cars only moved 10 feet in about 15 years, out of a garage that
 was about to crush it. As you can guess it not for sale! I've asked - RJ
340 wedge duster, very complete but Rusted.
340 4-spd duster-340 wedge sticker on hood, stripes ,mirrors, rallies,
hood pins, I have known about this car for 8 years ,hasn't moved in that
time, Won't sell ,going to restore someday... Shaky