Customized (70?) Challenger has sat in this empty lot for years

This toasted mopar was found by a good buddy in a field in Narita, Japan.  It is small block powered, and according to my friend rusted beyond all hope.  Every car has a story, we're certainly trying to find the story of this one.  It's bound to be interesting! Not a great muscle car, but probably the only submission today from Japan!.....Tom 

I found this red 69 Roadrunner convertible with its original 383 4bbl just rusting away were I was getting my car painted. I have no idea were this car originally stalked its prey of Fords and Chevies but has been in Florida for a very long time. A friend of mine had tried to buy the car but the owner won't sell. He is "going to fix it someday."  Yeah sure we have all heard that one before. - Adam

'70 Challenger R/T in the weeds