Another window shot: This 'Lil Red Express sits directly across from the
orange '71 340 Demon! Sitting about the same amount of time. Maybe they'll
have a double burial. - Dave O

This is a pic of a #'s matching '72 "340" Demon, automatic, original TB3
(Super Blue) w/white interior. Car is located in NE Missouri. Thanks Kevin P.

Here's a Notchback A-Body barracuda..

Window shot: '71 340 Demon sitting in yard for close to 15 yrs. now.
Becoming one with the earth.- Dave O.

These 2 cars are both 1978 models, 1 Super Coupe and 1 Road Runner. These cars are sitting right
off of highly traveled highway. The man says that they are for sale but $6500.00 each. I seem the 2 cars
 there about 10 years ago, NOW LOOK AT THEM. - Both cars would be only parts cars now..
YES I know look at those hard to find 15x8 wheels!  - Knetter