Cars in Barns
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     1970 Barracuda 318 Convertible.  The guy leaves the car out in the rain with the top down, doesn't even cover it.  It has been in front of the house for months.  He said he bought it back in 82 and is going to restore it.  The lease he could do is move his truck out of the garage and put it in there.
  1967 Barracuda has been sitting for 2 years, used to be a daily driver, pulled it out and sold it for $150. 
I bought this 72 Cuda from a friend a few years ago.  It needed quarters and some other minor work.  It is a 440, 4-speed car.  Taylor
  This is a 440-6 pack, 4-speed R/T that a friend found and bought.  It is a very rare car that is supposed to be copper in color with a tan vinyl roof and a tan interior. He found the build sheet under the rear seat springs and is going to restore it.