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  1971 Challenger pulled out of the woods in NC.  It was a 318 slap stick auto car with a/c and p/s.  The body is completely rotted.  Inspection sticker is from 89.  Steve
1971 Cuda Convertible, original paint, 383 auto, everything....41k miles. Pd $5500 for it in 84 and sold it for $5750 to someone in 85.  Who new!!!!!!!
1969 Charger sitting where you see it about a year ago. I stopped by twice to speak to the owner but they were never home. Finally got the owner and he is going to restore it someday even though he has no garage.
1970 Cuda that was sitting near my home. The guy finally gave in and I got the car for $500. He also has an AAR Cuda sitting too.  Brandon