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          I picked up this 70 Sport Satellite last week. The car supposedly was last on the road in 88. It basically sat rotting in the original owners yard for the last 17 years. It is a fairly original car with entire drive train and int. Was originally pretty well equipped, 383-2, 727 & an 8 3/4 rear end. Also had bucket seats, console, light package, rocker moldings and dealer installed black vinyl top. Sorry to say the frame and floors were completely gone. The torsion bar broke away from the frame as it was loaded on my trailer. No way to save it so I have begun parting it out as a donor for my 70 GTX.   Joe
  Here is a 1970 Grand Coupe 383 auto and a 1970 Challenger 383 auto.
All kinds of mopar stuff. There is a whole row of K cars and about any mopar stuff you can think of. The charger is a 383 with the original plum crazy purple still on it. I asked around and I guess the guy is going to "restore them someday". There is a 392 hemi sitting outside as well as a fullsize 440 convert in a shed (top down, of course!) covered in about 2 inches of pigeon droppings.