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      1973 Barracuda, paid $500 and going to strip it for parts. Sitting like this for about 5 years.   Dave
      FM3 Challenger R/T 383 A/C, ps, pdb, luggage rack, rimblo wheel, still has its original paint, white vinyl top, white int, wht stripe. It came out of a barn that it has sat in for over 12 years and was still the original owner. The lady who owned it said she would only sell it if it would get restored and brought back so she could take some pics with it. It had a possum under the hood and had the upper radiator hose eaten up by a rat.  Dave
      My Dad and I found this old charger in KY, talked to the owners and they said not for sale.  Tried quite a few times to get this car.
Sadly, in their elderly state, a simple flat tire has stopped the Duke boys...Car has been sitting for at least 3 years in WV. Fortunately this car wasn't found by one of the Hollywood execs. to be destroyed in the film.