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  Some day I'll finish this 65 Belvedere.
      We see a lot of these cars sitting outside and most of the time they are not for sale. I found this car on the internet. It's 72 Roadrunner/gtx 440 U code 4spd air grabber hood, ev2 tor-red white interior. The car has been there for 17 years, someone has stole the console and steering wheel. When we took the car to our shop, the outside temperature was around 25F, I just wanted to know if the engine was seized, so we put on a new battery and cranked it up. It turned, (the original engine was replaced years ago by a 383 2 bbl, so I didn't care if it broke.) We then put some gas in the carb and believe it or not, it fired after being asleep for 17 years! The car is now going into full restoration and it will be living again soon!  Dominic
Found all these cars at one place in my home town...I just purchased the red 69 Roadrunner and the blue 67 belvedere.  He has about 60 mopars.  Rick