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  Rust free Challenger.
        1967 GTX, 440 4-speed console car.  Tag expired in 91.  I spoke to owners son whom said father is in the hospital.
We found this 68 Charger sitting in WV. Owner eluded to a property in the area 2/upwards of 100 classics just rusting away.
While traveling I spotted this little jewel sticking out of a make shift shed. I pulled in and knocked on the door, the woman who was home knew right away what I'd stopped for, said nope it's not for sale. It's her ex husbands and he's no where around and it's just sitting there waiting for god's rust to start on it some day. It's an excellent restored 69 Road Runner, 383, 727 auto car, real RM21 post car. Originally an A4 Silver car. A shame to see it just sit and go to waste.