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      1969 GTX factory red w/black stripes, black vinyl roof.  A late 60's ragtop.  He used to own a Mopar dealership if I am correct.
1968 Charger R/T
      This is my 1970 FM3 Gran Coupe, 383 4v, 4 spd car.  Pics are from when car was new, when it was almost too far gone to restore and now.  The process of restoration has begun.  Brother-in-law bought car new when I was 8.  Sold it in 72, in 80 a buddy of mine called and asked me to come over.  When I did we went around the back of his house and I nearly fainted.  There sat my dream car.  Well, we struck a deal and now there's one less horror story about that Mopar, that went the way of the Titanic.  Oh yea, for years I was one of those guys that said "not for sale, I'm going to restore it someday".  Guess what, it's someday. LOL
    I found this car in a leaky garage.  It's a 73 340 4 spd FE5 Cuda.  Original owner reluctantly agreed to sell it to me.  Notice holes in the garage roof right over the trunk.  E-brake was set in 84 when it was stored so my dually had to drag it out of its tomb.  Mold and mildew have ruined the interior but the stainless is clean and all there.  Car is complete and running but rusty.  Steve