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I found this 67 Fury III today in FL.  Car has a 318 and is a convertible that needs work.  Jeff
          I had heard rumors for years about this six pack in a barn in MI and I was finally able to purchase with a 70 parts car, a 70 charger and a 72 cuda.  Came with nos fender, grill and original carb setup.  It sat for years as I completed other projects and I sold it to someone who I thought would restore it.  But no, apparently it was parted out and it has surfaced now as a bare shell after ten years.  It was a 440 six pack, four speed, air grabber, hemi orange, white interior, track pack car.  Now I know why some of these guys don't want to sell.  I won't make that mistake again!
Here is a cuda I spotted a couple of months ago in some guys yard in FL, he was moving it to a new location due to the county cracking down on junk vehicles.  Jeff