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    1970 Barracuda Convertible that has been sitting in a garage on my street for about 5 years...the car comes out once in a while when he's cleaning the garage but has otherwise sat dormant. Under the evil blue tarp is a flawless convertible top and a brand new interior...currently has no motor or tranny and as you can see is sitting on some pretty badly dry rotting tires. According to the vin this was originally a 225 cid 6 cyl convertible automatic. Body is very straight but is showing some signs of rust under the original paint. I have offered to buy it several times but as you know he is planning to restore it.  Mike
    1. 1974 Challenger has been sitting for as long as I can remember.  My dad has stopped by there and seen about it...The guy says that he drives it around every once in a while...kind of hard to believe because the axel is sitting on the ground. Won't sell, "Gonna fix it one day". 2. 1974 Challenger has been hit hard in the front...not sure what the story is on it because we have no idea who the owner is. 3. 1969 383 Roadrunner that sits at the local drag strip in the woods. Hasn't moved since it has been open. It has a very solid body, and some of the interior is still there. I have heard that people have offered him up to $10,000 for the car and he won't sell it.  Robby
This is a 1971 RR triple black, 383 4-speed, ad, pdb, bench seat, still has the pistol grip shifter also has a new owner.  This guy had a bunch, 70 Challenger, 68 rr 4-spd,73 triple black charger.