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I found this 1969 Dodge Charger & 1973 Plymouth Cuda sitting just off a gravel road in IA in 2004.  They were sitting in an old farm lot. I just caught a glimpse of the Cuda's quarter panel as I drove by. I slammed on the brakes and went back to investigate. As you can see I was shocked to see what was hiding in the weeds and trees. It took about 2 days to track down the owner of the cars. Long story short, I was able to purchase the charger for $300 with a title, but he would not part with the Cuda. There was too much of a sentimental value attached. The day I had arranged to pick up the charger, the owner was able to get a tractor out to the property to help load and dig it out. When I arrived, he had already moved the Cuda over the hill so it was not visible from the road. After further conversation, he informed me that he was probably going to push the Cuda down a big ditch. After some further talking, I think I was able to put a hold on that idea. I have not been back for a few weeks to check to see his plans on the Cuda. He has some of the original motor parts and 1 front fender hanging in his garage for the Cuda. The charger came with a nearly flawless grille, bucket seats, wood grain steering wheel, 383 motor, auto trans., complete instrument cluster and dash components. Most of ext body, floors, frame rails are all very rusty. I have been using the Charger as a parts car for a 69 that I am currently restoring for my Father-in-law. My father-in-law bought this car new and never sold it.  He does not know we have the car or that we are restoring it. Here is a link to that story and some pics.  Link
  Here are a couple of pictures of a charger that was stored for about 20 years in a less than great building.  The good part of the story is that it has been rescued lately from it's horrible fate, sad part is, I wasn't the one that ended up with it.
I found this cuda today in FL, 340 auto, pdb/ac. Guy just bought it after many years of sitting in a field, he removed the 340 and tranny. Car is real rough. Jeff FL