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      I found this 70-71 Duster 340 in an alley where it has been sitting for quite some time now.  It is original petty blue, white bucket/console interior, 3:55 posi 8-3/4" diff, factory stripes.  It was hit good in the drivers side front fender.  I have knocked on the door numerous times but never any answer...I am persistant though, it will be mine!
No story really, just one I found sitting along the side of a road.  When I first seen it, the rear end was setting on the ground, they have since put tires on it.
There is a box on this front porch with literally dozens of notes asking if the car is for sale. Most are fairly old which seems to say that the car isn't for sale and the guy isn't interested in talking to anyone. I have been by there hundreds of times and never seen anybody home.   Jim