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  After looking at your site I felt guilty and gave the 71 Road Runner full of parts away.
  After graduating high school in 86 I continued to college.  I wasn't much the scholastic type but I went anyway.  While on a weekend break I went back to my old high school to visit with my old auto shop teacher.  He had this original JF1 Mist Green 73 340 4-speed Duster in his shop that someone gave to him to pass on to one of his students.  The car was complete from bumper to bumper, but was missing the side stripes as it was repainted once before.  He knew I was a mopar fan and he really liked me.  He told me if I did good in college he would give this car to me.  Well, to make a long story short I did very poorly in school and completed one year of college and he ended up trading the duster for a three wheeler to one of his students.  In April of 88 he called me and asked if I was still interested in the duster.  The guy that now owned it was moving and needed cash fast.  $500 to be exact.  After wheeling and dealing I ended up buying it for $350.  The car was completely disassembled and it was missing only the intake and exhaust manifolds and the chrome exhaust tips.  After two years of picking at it I finally finished it.  I still own it and occasionally drive it.  I've been asked many times if I would sell it but being this was my first car ever, I could never part with it.  Frank NY
Here is a stripped out, no vin/tags Cuda Convertible rotting away.  DE