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    I thought I would send in a few pics of this 68 Charger that was discovered in a farmers field in Alberta.  A friend had told us about it and that it may take a bit of work to get it out of his field as it was crammed in among a whole lot of other wrecks.  We thought it best to talk to the land owner at the other end of the property line to see if we could gain a better access to it from there and were promptly told that all the cars belonged to him and not the other guy.  Well, long story short, we got the Charger for $100 (canadian) and all the help we needed in the form of tractors to load it onto the trailer.  The farmer was a very nice man and let us come back to buy more cars for parts.  While cleaning it up and taking an inventory to see what we had, I found the build sheet in the back seat.  It is a plain 383 4 barrel.  We found the original block on the ground beside the car, as well as the bumpers and other goodies.  The car sat there for 20 years.  We have just parked the car on the side burner, as we are putting the finishing touches up on a 68 Charger we just restored.  We are considering turning this gem into a Daytona clone.  Sonia
    Here is a 1970 Plymouth Belvedere sitting on a lot that I first noticed about 6 years ago, car had been moved across lot about 2 years ago in MO.  Ron
  Here's a dodge that's been sitting for a while.  I'm going to try to get the motor out with the tree still in it.  How's that for a lawn ornament.  Steve