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For a couple of years I've been seeing a muscle car sitting off the road and I've been wondering what it could be.  So one day, I finally get the nerve up to stop and see what it was.  I asked the lady if I could go look at it and she said sure.  It was her brothers car.  Someone had the nerve to bust out the windows in it so he just left it there.  He told me I could have it for $400 and it is mine now.
    These cars are sitting in a field in TN.  The yellow challenger is a former 318 car with a complete roll bar.  Again the body is great with fantastic quarter panels but no engine.  The red 70 se is all original paint 318 car missing its engine.  It has a great body considering it has sat in a field for 15 years.  It has its complete interior, console, slap stick and roof console.  The 67 Satellite is complete with a 273 auto and dark blue original interior in good shape with add on a/c. 
I found a 70 Superbee.  He tells me that I could have the parts car with it.  So, I went and picked up the first bee and that was a 383 4 speed n96 car.  A few days later I go and get the parts car.  It turns out it was a v code 6 pak n96 car.  The car with the scoops is the 6 pak and the one without them is the 383 4 speed.