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This 1967 Belvedere is a block from my home.  I tried buying it from the owner again today.  Says its his baby.  It has a 360 in it.
    1971 340 4 spd Tor Red Cuda, has been sitting in a hay bailer for many years as you can see.  The factory 340 has been replaced with another 340.  It was a black vinyl top but the original owner removed it.  The original fender gills were lost in Spain.  The original owner mudded over the fender gills.  This car has been in N Africa, Switzerland, Spain and NE.  It was purchased from the original owner and came with all the original documentation.
1970 Grand Coupe Barracuda Lemon Twist, this car also has been sitting in the same hay bailer for many years.  It is a slant 6 auto on the floor.  Both cars now have a new home.
This is a 1971 Ram Air 4-spd Road Runner with super track pack, bucket seats and original purple paint.  I have been trying to purchase this car for over 23 years, yet always get the same answer.  Not for sale!!