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67 Coronet 440 sitting in the woods and is still complete. That's sad.
      Here is a 69 Roadrunner 383 four speed, bench seat. Saw it February 5, Back seat missing, in place was a pile of rat crap 2 feet high. Owner says someone offered 2500 dollars last month but he is going to fix it up someday. Yeah right!
Here are some pics of my 69 Cuda, 440 8v bought it last week. Check out picture of bringing paint back to life. Going to pull motor next week and build. Looking for two more Ralley wheels. It's now safe in the garage under a cover. Mike
I live in Hungary. I found this 1965 Barracuda 273 in Budapest, Hungary... It was 273 cu. in. v8 with automatic. The tranny and the trunk lid was gone a long time ago.  Gyula