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    1965 Coronet 500. It is an original 426 street wedge car from Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago. My buddy had known about this car for years and when he found out that I needed parts for another 65 Dodge Coronet that I had he told me about it. It had been tucked away in the corner of an old tow yard for the last 20+ years. He was able to talk the yard owner into selling it and now it resides with me and its restoration has been started. Its 1 of 440 426/AT cars built that year and only 1 of 4 Mr. Norm '65 Coronets known.
    Thought you would enjoy. This is right below our chevy dealership in Alabama440, RT 1969 Charger owner will not sell because his father bought new.
         1976 Duster I inherited from my grandmother. It's been in my family since new and has less then 50k original. It's only a slant 6, but will become a grand touring car in the future.