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    This is one of the two '68 Roadrunners which were parked in a guys field (before I bought them:-). This white one is a pillar coupe with aztec maroon interior and still has the original 383 HP and 727 along with all other drivetrain. The previous owner said it was running before parked about 15 years ago. He planned to swap the enjine, etc. to his other '68 Road Runner which was in much better condition, hence he was not concerned about the drivers window stuck half-way down or the small tree which fell onto it and poked a hole in the roof. It apparently hit something in the frint end-probably ran into a ditch would be my guess. This is located in SC.
  1973 Gold Duster, 6 Cylinder, auto on the column, snakeskin vinyl top, bench seat and badly rusted. Has been sitting a couple of months. All it needs is a torsion bar on the drivers side. This car found a new home in Iowa. Gene
      Here's some Mopars that have been here for at least 12 years as far as I know. There all solid and would be easy to restore. There's a 67 Charger, 68 Charger RT, 69 Charger, 68 or 69 GTX and a 70 or 71 Challenger just sitting. I ask the guy if he wants to sell them and he says he wants to hold on to them but WHY! Steve