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  So the story goes...I have always heard about my Dad's 1970 Dodge Challenger that he had his senior year in high school and the years of his marriage. He sold the car in 1977 to a guy that lived about an hour away. I heard many stories about the car and many regrets for selling the car back then. Then my Uncle found pictures of the car from the time my Dad owned it. I got the idea to try and locate the car. I called the state to see what the chances are of locating the last person that registered it. The person I talked to said that without the VIN number (Which we did not have!) It would be very hard to locate. After a couple of weeks I got a call back from the lady and said she found the car. I sent in the 5 bucks to get the information and a week later I had the information of the last person that owned the car. I searched the name on the internet and found an address and a phone number. We got a hold of the guy and sure enough he still had the car after it had been parked nearly 22 years early, but it was not for sale because he wanted to restore. We asked if we could come and take a look at the car and he agreed. After looking at the car about a month went by when we called the guy again, we told him that we were interested and within that week we had it on a trailer bringing it home. The car originally has/ had the 340 performance package, 4 speed, top banana yellow with bumblebee stripes, vinyl top, cloth seat inserts, and ac. Included picture is the same car in 1975.
Let me just say this is sad. These cars have been sitting in this guys driveway all perfectly parked for about 15 years. He says he won't sell them because he wants to fix them all up. Don't they all say that? The 69 Dodge Charger is actually in pretty descent shape. The interior is pretty good too. The 68 Dodge Charger is an RT! This one isn't too bad either. There is also a 68 GTX, I believe that's the year and also a 67 Dodge Charger that are in ok shape. The 72 Challenger is also pretty solid looking as well. This guy must not realize that these cars are worth quite a bit restored. The longer he waits, the worst the cars are going to look. He'll never fix them up, it's sad. I'm a big time mopar girl and it breaks my heart to see these cars all lined up in this guys driveway. Pam
  This is a 1968 Road Runner hardtop which was sitting in a field. No engine or drive train. Excellent body. Has been sitting in the same spot for about 10 years in SC.