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    That's a rust free 68 R/T power window car sitting in 2 foot of wonderful OH snow.  Rust free 69 Hemi car in the barn under 1500 pounds of leaking paint cans and scrap iron, tools, its mint grill on the roof coated with chevy blue from the last paint job done in that garage.  The red track pack 440 4 speed R/T dana car has been in storage for fifteen years waiting for that windshield and rear window.  The 70 big block charger with the hood pins is about to become a famous movie car.
  This FM3 70 Road Runner has been sitting practally on the road for years.  Tons of guys have stopped to try to buy it but the owner won't let it go.
  Satellite we picked up close to home.  Sat by this barn for 20 years.  Canadian tire still like new, same as body, mint shape.