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This old track car was sitting in a junkyard in MA.  4-speed trans, quick change rear and a small block motor with class specific 2 barrel carb.  It's a shame the hood was off and has probably seen many winters.
Here is a Road Runner that has been sitting for many years.  I haven't been able to contact the owner, so I don't know if it is available or not.  It is worth saving & still has the original drive train with 4-speed from what I can tell.  Some interior parts are damaged or missing & the back glass is broke.  By the looks of the dash, seems like someone was in a big hurry to remove the radio.  There is a rope tied around the hood in attempt to keep people out, so I respected that & left it alone.  Check out the "pistol grip" shifter!  JT 
  This is one Rare Challenger that has been sitting in PA for at least 25 years.  The guy won't even talk to anyone about selling.  The story is that it was in the barn until a fire burned up the hood and the car was saved if you could say saved!  I stole many pics before I was chased away.  I have pics of the fender tag and have decoded it as a 440-6 pack, 4-speed convertible.  I don't believe it was a shaker hood.