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    Found these the other day when I stopped at a guys house.  The satellite was originally a 318 car that someone put a 440-4sp in but the motor and trans were gone.  The 75 duster is a 318 car.  The 72 duster came home to my house and has a /6 but all there.
    The challengers are in a wrecking yard in Canada.  1970 Barracuda Convertible is in a barn.  It's a 318 and slapstick auto.  The guy plans a full resto next winter. Adam
    This 66 Charger with a 383 4 bbl has been sitting in a junk yard in NY for years.  I've driven by it lots of times, but have never stopped to inquire.  The body looks pretty solid yet, but who knows what NY has slowly been doing to it all these years.  G.S.