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      1970 GTX original V-Code 440 6 barrel car.  A friend and myself were tipped off to this car.  Called on a Tuesday looked at it on Wed. and stress relived the 100 year old barn floor on Friday.  The car had an Air Grabber hood 6-pack.  Clear title and matching vin #'s on the body.  No motor or trans, bucket seat auto on the column.  Nice rare car that will be restored at some time or another.  Rich & Jeff
      Here are some pictures of a 1967 GTX that I recently rescued from the woods.  Found an ad for a 67 GTX body shell only.  After getting pictures from the seller, found out it was the whole car minus the engine and trans.  All missing parts not shown in pictures were found in a falling down storage shed.  Basically a complete car, body has some rust but car will be saved and back on the road some day.  TX
This is the tail end of a 1970 Superbee.  Its been sitting in the same spot for probably 10 years.  I remember seeing it on a flatbed when it first arrived at the yard.  It resides in the mountains in a junkyard full of other muscle cars and classic cars.  I've tried to talk to the person that owns the yard, but there is always a chain across the entrance, but I have a funny feeling that this is one of those "I'm gonna fix her up one day" stories or "No, it's not for sale" stories.  Justin