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  1970 Gran Coupe Cuda we found in an old barn.  It still had the matching numbers 383, trans and rear end with the car.  It took about 6 months to convince the owner to sell it and soon it will be on its way to restoration.  John
Found this 1970 Cuda while taking a drive on a real nice day up in MA.  Owner replied with a quick nope when asked if it was for sale.
1970 Dodge Superbee.  Originally plum crazy purple, white interior, 383, 4-speed, ram charger hood, etc...Was wrecked (by jumping and then landing wrong) in the early 80s and has sat for about 20 years now.  It's a shame to be thinking of parting it out, but all the front end was sold 19 years ago and the rear of the car is severely bent underneath although we pulled the driver side quarter panel back down from the 45 degree angle it was bent to.  The doors still open and close like new.  It could maybe be saved but probably would need to just be back-halved and made into a racecar as all the rear frame rails are busted and the trunk area is all bent and buckled from the doors is a pretty solid car although missing some parts.