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1970 Barracuda Gran Coupe rotting in TN.  Owner says he is going to restore it and give it to his son who is nine right now.
  This is a 72 Dodge Demon sitting on a lawn in NY.  Been there for a few years that I know of.  The front and rear windows are gone, rockers are rotting pretty good, and there it sits, swallowing years of rain and snow.  GS
    We found this car in the woods in MI.  It is a 1970 Cuda Convertible, 383 4 barrel, high performance Cuda.  It was Plum Crazy.  The car has sat in the woods for over 20 years, it is in real rough shape, but by eldest boy and a good friend, rescued it from its grave last week.  It is going to take some major effort, but it is an E-body convertible.  John