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This Challenger R/T has been sitting in this same spot for 12 years or more.  The owner will not sell and says he will fix it up someday.  This should be our state's saying.  Don't know much about the car except it is going to waste and it is a shame.  Slater
This is a Vitamin C Orange AAR Cuda with no engine.  It's been sitting for about 27 years after the original owner blew the original engine and sold it tot he junkyard it's in today.  I've approached him more times than I could count and the guy won't budge!  He admits he won't restore it but that it has too much sentimental value to sell it!
The first is a 71 Satellite parked in 84 due to a skipped timing chain.  A brushfire years ago melted the grill and the soft suspension parts.  The second is a Coronet 440 2 door.  I was told that this car has a Hemi.  Unfortunately, the wasps have total control of the under hood.  The property is completely overgrown.  NC