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    This is a 1969 Satellite I found on the way to a swap meet in TX.  Story was the owner had started a restoration and then got cancer.  His family had no place to store the car.  So they pulled the interior and the floor plugs, the interior was put in a shed and the car sat out.  They wanted $1200 for it.  After $900 changed hands, I drove it home.  I think mom was a little nervous.  You can see from the first interior shot, I wasn't sure what parts I had or didn't have.  Turns out everything was there, including the rear windows down inside the fenders, and new carpet still in the box in the trunk.  It had a rebuilt 440, solid 727, new brakes, shocks, tires and exhaust.  The owner had "started from the bottom".  Best find I ever made.  I brought it home on a Saturday morning, and believe it or not, the third picture was taken on Sunday afternoon.  I had worked on it until midnight and started again at 4 am.  Was I excited? Oh Yeah!  Tom
    I found this real 1969 Charger 500 in a pole barn in MO.  It was for sale.  2 weeks after the photos were taken it sold for $6500.  This was just more of a project than I wanted.  Dean
I found this 70 Challenger rotting to pieces, not many good parts left, the owner gave me the passenger side outer door handle for my challenger, no charge.  Jeff