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  I first spotted this Barracuda (68 I think) about a year ago in a junkyard and in better shape than it is now, someone has moved it and damaged it badly in the process.  All glass was good before the move, floors are gone but frame rails are pretty good, 8 3/4 rear still there, console is now gone, 1 year ago vin tag started with BH23 unreadable beyond that still has few good parts but not many.  Most body panels were useable before it was moved.  JR
340 Duster in NC.  Hit hard in front but pretty good from the doors back.  Column shift 727 long gone, what's left of the 340 is still there but badly damaged from the accident, 1 head, intake, carb and exhaust manifolds missing.  Too bad, I'm sure it was a fun car!  JR
  While on vacation I found this 1974 Duster 318 Automatic bench seat with the space maker option located in IA.  The owner was going to fix it up but never got around to it.  $500 and brought it home and will become my next project.  Eugene