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  Plain 1971 Charger with a big block and 72 Rallye doors and R/T tail lights.  Looked decent about 6 years ago, but the pine trees are taking their toll.  Owner will not sell and has since thrown a tarp on the car.  A little too late....
I would love this car!  1970 Charger 500, 383 4-speed, console, leather, original orange.  Car needed grille and motor installed to be show in mid 80's.  Car has only moved about a half mile since.  Paint is now bubbling and a tree crumpled the corner in an ice storm.  Owner is nice, but admits he won't get to it, but won't sell.
This is a 70 Charger Stock Car.  Surprising how much is actually stock for a race car!  Sits in the back yard of the guy who raced it back in the day.
1970 Road Runner, 383 4-speed car.  Completely rotted.  At least she gave up many good parts in the junk yard over the years.