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    Here is a 1966 (I think) Dodge Coronet 500.  It's been sitting here for a year or so.  I rent a space next to this guy but have rarely seen him.  Last time I spoke with him, he said he wanted to pull the 383 and use it for something else.  I saw the engine run last summer as he moved it from another spot on the property so I know it at least runs.  Too bad the rear quarters are all rotted out, probably the trunk too.  Jeff CO
A lot of people tried to buy this car.  Not for sale.  So we stopped and asked about it.  Yeah, take it if you want it.  Along with the 1933 Dodge Pickup sitting beside it, and the 1967 Belvedere on the hill.  The 1966 was a 4 speed that had been used for racing.  It had a 833 in the trunk that had the tail shaft bent in a 90 degree. along with 2 E Body pistol grips and a steel bell.  Car was shot.
  Here is a couple pics of a 68 Coronet R/T.  As you can see six pack hood and looks like it has a six pack on it.  The body looks solid and the interior doesn't look bad.  Has a consol w/4 speed & a bunch of parts for the thing inside.  The guy at the garage says it hasn't moved since the early 80's.  Java
65 Plymouth Belvedere Satellite.